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The Riding Styles Assessment has been created to improve your relationship to your horse. The Riding Style Assessment includes a 28-item self-assessment, online and printer friendly learning guides, and materials that will guide you toward creating an optimal “fit” to your horse.

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“Discover how your approach impacts your horse and how to refine it to get the relationship you want.”

–Assessment author Dr. Susan Cain

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What if you had a unique tool that would help you experience breakthrough relationships with your horse, students or others you work or ride with? Introducing the family of Riding Styles Assessments developed exclusively for the equine world.

1. Find out and analyze how you impact your horse with The Riding Styles Assessment-NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE for under $10.00!

2. Analyze how your teaching style impacts your students with The Riding Instructor Styles Assessment-available in print copy as a download now.

3. Discover how you impact others as a riding professional with The Riding Professionals Assessment-available in print copy as a download now.

The Riding Styles Assessments help you discover how your unique style can be improved. Whether you emphasize-

  • A direct, confident approach with others or your horse,
  • A persuasive, friendly approach,
  • A calm and consistent approach,
  • A precise, highly detailed approach, you will learn how you can improve your impact to get the relationship you want with humans or horses.

Find out your style now, and improve your riding impact today!

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Create a breakthrough relationship with your horse-now under $10.00 online-get instant results!

Do you ride for pleasure or to show? You can improve the impact you have on your horse with The Riding Styles Assessment. Learn how your unique approach impacts your horse, and how to flex your style to get the relationship-and result-that you really want. The assessment is inow online , and the instant results will amaze you. Analyze your profile, then create an action plan to get the relationship you really want.


Take the Riding Instructor Styles Assessment

Create breakthrough relationships with your students

Are you a riding instructor wondering what your real impact is on your students? The new Riding Instructor Styles Assessment is a downloadable, self-scoring assessment developed by author Dr. Susan Cain. The assessment is designed to help instructors determine their preferred instructional style or approach based on four dimensions: Direct and confident; persuasive and friendly; calm and consistent, and precise and detailed. The assessment helps instructors increase their self-awareness and impact on students.


Take the Riding Professional Styles Assessment

Create better relationships in your equine organization

Are you a valuable professional or volunteer working in the equine industry? The Riding Professional Styles Assessment was developed so you can optimize your impact as a contributor. Imagine unlocking the key to better working relationships by understanding-and appreciating your own work style. Start by assessing yourself, then offer everyone in your equine workplace an opportunity to take this valuable assessment to see how to appreciate differences and collaborate more effectively.